Model Line up

The Razorback range of all terrain mowers starts with a CM1401H – a 2 wheel drive unit that has the complete feature set of the F1 platform; only in a two wheel drive configuration. This model has the Honda GX series overhead valve engine that produces 14HP NET output. The precision camshaft design offers precise valve timing and optimal valve overlap for better fuel effeiciency, which is capable of performing on steep angles of up to 25 degrees. The CM1401H is designed to make lawn maintenance far safer and provide more comfort for owners of steeper acreage.

The next unit is the entry level 4WD unit known as the CMX1402H  that again runs the complete F1 package including the mechanical drive train to the front of the mower. The sharing of the resources based around this platform has allowed us to deliver a true mechanical 4WD mower, complete with a shaft driven deck, with all the safety and comfort features. This now means that acreage owners can have the same feature set as the Razorback commercial contractor, with safety and comfort at a remarkable price point!

The Big Twins

The CMX1808 and CMX2302 share the same fundamental F1 chassis feature set. Both are powered by Briggs & Stratton chain driven, overhead cam horizontal shaft twin engines, that develop 18 horsepower and 22 horsepower NET respectively. The CMX2302 has much more substantial hydrostatic transmission, complete with a charge pump, removable oil filter and 7 litre tank that reticulates the hydrostatic oil for cooling in extreme conditions.

Take a look at the amazing Razorback Mowers in action. This is a very brief introduction video that will give

you a small taste of just what these mowers can do.